Holistic Nutrition Consultant
Bach Remedy Practitioner

The state of Connecticut does not require holistic nutrition consultants to be licensed. We neither diagnose nor treat and our services are not intended to replace medical care.  We work with our clients, and sometimes their doctors, to provide information and nutritional support for a variety of health concerns including digestive disorders, food sensitivities, diabetes, elevated lipids, hypertension, autoimmune diseases and cancer.


Chronic stress is associated with a greater risk of illness including frequent colds and flu, infection, inflammation, heart disease and perhaps even cancer. 

Recent studies have shown that negative emotional states can have an impact on the progression of disease as well as the length of time it takes the body to heal.

Dr. Edward Bach was a respected Harley Street doctor and bacteriologist in London in the 1930s.  He was ahead of his time as he came to understand the importance of the mind-body connection in healing.  He devised his system of Flower Remedies after being diagnosed with a terminal cancer, which he survived for two decades.  Over 75 years later, Dr. Bach's system is still widely used throughout Europe today, and among the informed here in the U.S.

The Remedies are all derived from wild flowers, plants and trees.  They are completely safe for all use, under any circumstances, even for children and animals.  They are non-habit forming,  produce no side effects, and can be taken simultaneously with any other medication without conflict.

There are 38 Remedies that can be combined in over 200 million different personalized blends to accurately address varying states of mind such as anxiety, fear, depression, lack of confidence, sorrow, anger, indecision, apathy and more.

The Bach Remedy practitioner will listen to your concerns and help you recognize your emotional imbalances.  The appropriate remedies will be selected and blended in a personal mixing bottle.  Each bottle lasts approximately 3 weeks.  The number of necessary follow-up visits vary greatly according to the situation.

With clients all over the country, consultations can be in person, by phone or via Skype.

Initial Consultation . . . . . . $95 (includes personalized blend)
Follow Up Appointments . . $60 (includes personalized blend)

NOTE: Bach Remedies contain a very small amount of brandy as preservative and may not be appropriate for those who need to abstain from alcohol.