Holistic Nutrition Consultant
Bach Remedy Practitioner

The state of Connecticut does not require holistic nutrition consultants to be licensed. We neither diagnose nor treat and our services are not intended to replace medical care.  We work with our clients, and sometimes their doctors, to provide information and nutritional support for a variety of health concerns including digestive disorders, food sensitivities, diabetes, elevated lipids, hypertension, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

In addition, she has completed intensive training with the Bach Foundation

of Oxfordshire, England.  Understanding that the field of nutrition continues

to evolve, Ms. Penney devotes a good deal of her time to ongoing research

and continuing education.  One of her primary concentrations is the study of nutrigenomics: the effects of nutrients on gene expression.

Ms. Penney is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals

and the Society of Integrative Oncology.

India V. Penney, NC is a Nutrition Consultant and Bach Remedy practitioner.  She has been studying and practicing for eight years both in California and in Connecticut.  An alumna of Northwestern University where she majored in Interdepartmental Studies, Ms. Penney graduated summa cum laude from Hawthorn University's Nutrition Consultant program.

The body is intricately and miraculously designed, requiring only nourishing whole foods and clean water to function, stay healthy, naturally detoxify and heal.  If you break your arm, it isn't the cast you put on it that heals it (although that will help it heal correctly) it's the cells in your body that form new bone and knit the new to the old.  Those cells are created and nourished by the foods you eat and the nutrients those foods provide.

Although each person is unique, ill-health is generally caused by the deficiency, excess, or contamination of nutrients -- determined by what you eat, the toxins you're exposed to, and your lifestyle.  Many illnesses are related to diet, digestive issues and liver detoxification inefficiencies -- how they create chronic inflammation and affect all the bodily systems.  When you realize that nearly 70% of the immune system is in the digestive tract, you understand that regulating GI function is the key to wellness.

Our purpose is to educate clients on the innate healing properties of food, appropriate individual eating habits, and nutrient supplementation - as well as providing nutritional support for doctor-diagnosed illnesses.  The holistic scope of this practice focuses on finding the cause of ill-health rather than alleviating symptoms, and it incorporates exercise and a healthy lifestyle by reducing exposure to stress and environmental toxins.

We are here to make sense of a complicated subject for you.  We will help you separate fact from misinformation (the internet is a reliable source for both!) and to explain things in a way that will allow you to apply the information appropriately, with practical and healthful results.

To that end, our approach is an integrative one - working with other healthcare practitioners, including medical doctors, to achieve your goals.  But even more important is our integration with you the client.  We believe it is essential that each of us takes responsibility for and active participation in our own health.