Holistic Nutrition Consultant
Bach Remedy Practitioner

The state of Connecticut does not require holistic nutrition consultants to be licensed. We neither diagnose nor treat and our services are not intended to replace medical care.  We work with our clients, and sometimes their doctors, to provide information and nutritional support for a variety of health concerns including digestive disorders, food sensitivities, diabetes, elevated lipids, hypertension, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

In today's world where

1) refined foods and fast foods are the norm, 2) the soil is depleted of nutrients due to overplanting, and 3) our exposure to toxins is

higher than ever,

you may be complaining of not feeling well even though you've been told there is medically nothing wrong with you.

OR,  you might be suffering from digestive problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and acid reflux.


OR, perhaps you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or high cholesterol or diabetes and you want to learn how to modify your eating habits in order to help your body heal itself.  

OR, you may have read studies that show how nutrition and lifestyle changes can create a terrain that is less hospitable to cancer cells and their progression. 

But having a specific complaint isn't required before seeing a holistic nutrition consultant.  A complete assessment of diet, exercise, toxic exposure, stress and lifestyle can create an overall protocol that can optimize wellness and help

prevent illness.  Be proactive!

The goal is that you can! 

But there is so much more to know than the fact that blueberries and curcumin are good for you, or that vitamin D strengthens bones. 

 Three people with the same symptoms can have different reasons for it that require different approaches.  Is that indigestion caused by food sensitivities?
 Low stomach acid?  Bacterial overgrowth or parasites?

You may be eating healthy foods, but your body may be blocking your ability to absorb their nutrients.  You may be doing the right thing but not enough of it. Or too much.  Aside from not getting the results you were looking for, that could create an excess or a deficiency in other areas. 

While one particular food item or supplement may end up in the media spotlight, it is important to know that the cells of the body require a synergy of substances and events to correct an issue.  And while the internet is a good resource, it is also a hive of misinformation. 

For these and many other reasons, it is wise to consult with a holistic nutritionist.

Why do I need it

Why can't I do it myself

    What is Holistic Nutrition

 Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, and each of those cells is created and nourished by the nutrients in the foods we eat.  Holistic nutrition is centered on the concept that the proper balance of whole foods and their nutrients are the key to the body's ability to
feel well

prevent illness
heal itself.

 Each person has unique dietary requirements, and the state of wellness or illness depends on recognizing each body's needs. Holistic nutrition looks at the causes of ill health rather than the symptoms.  It considers the whole picture, rather than dealing with one issue at a time, and takes lifestyle into account.  Because with the body, nothing exists in isolation from its parts; each affects the other in synergy.  
From that examination of the whole, patterns will emerge which may show that seemingly separate issues share one common cause.